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    Preorders will be available at a discounted price before production from our manufacturer begins. These may take 3-4 months to arrive. In-Stock items have already been quality checked and are ready to ship. If in the USA, these items arrive within 2 weeks.
  • How long does each preorder period last?
    Preorders are typically active for 3-4 months. If there isn't enough interest in that time frame, refunds will be issued for any product purchases made. But if an item receives enough attention, we can put it into production right away!
  • When will in-stock items be available?
    At the end of each preorder period, we will have in-stock items in a limited quantity. An announcement will always be made before we do this to make sure no one misses out!
  • Do you accept PayPal?
    At the moment we are only accepting debit/credit card payments.
  • Can I come work with you?
    While we see much opportunity for growth, we are not looking to hire additional members at this moment. Our ambassador program, however, is a great way to help promote one another! Anyone active on social media is welcome to apply here:
  • Where can you ship to?
    We are able to ship to all USA domestic locations and most international locations. If you are outside of the United States, VAT (Value-Added Tax) or customs fees may apply and are the responsibility of the receiving party.
  • Where is my hoodie/shirt?
    As we currently operate off of a preorder system, it can take several months until items are even put into production. On our social media we make sure to keep everyone up to date with what stage of the process each item is in. After production, items are shipped to us, quality inspected and then sent out to you! Tracking information will only be available during the last portion.
  • I've moved, can I change the address on my order?
    Why of course! Just shoot us an email using our "contact us" form and include your order number and updated address.
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